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Message from Mike Smith

CEO and Founder of Trader IQ

"I am personally delighted that you have taken the time to find out a little more about Trader IQ, a project that we are excited about as we strive to create a revolution in trader education.

We developed the innovative framework that is the basis of what we do to take traders like you to the next level. What was clear after a long and thorough analysis of what the differences are between traders who do well and those who struggle, is that we believe there are gaps in current education provision, often critical in trader development. We aim to fill those gaps, through providing something that is educational sound, content-rich and affordable.


With almost 2 decades of experience trading financial markets across all instruments, and involvement in the training and coaching of traders since 2007, I have a passion for finding new and innovative ways to help clients learn trading and a Post Grad Diploma in Education, and  having worked as a University Senior Lecturer in both the UK and Perth, Australia.

As well as trading system development and trading measurement, I have a special interest in the psychology and behavioural aspects of trading.

This is the foundation on which TraderIQ is built.

If you make the choice that this is right for you, we would be privileged if you become part of the Trader IQ community, and we become part of your trading learning journey.

Either way, thanks for stopping by and we always welcome feedback so feel free to connect with us at any time.

Trade safe and see you soon."

Mike Smith

(MSc, Pg Dip Ed, Dip Fin Serv)


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